Media Solutions

That Work


Media Solutions

That Work

Podcast Production and Distribution

Let us be the one-stop shop for your podcasting needs!

If you’re looking for “Done For You” services, check out some of our packages, which include the following services:

  • Editing
  • Professional mixing and mastering
  • Intros, outros and sponsor messages
  • Show notes 
  • Create social graphics
  • Analytics Report of Topics + Popular Episodes
  • Seek out guest podcast opportunities
  • Manage your Guest Speakers
  • Getting Ready To Start A Podcast?

Looking for a little guidance on how to start a podcast? Or maybe you’ve started a podcast but you’re not sure what to do next? Check out these options:

Plan and Prepare

Thinking of starting a podcast, but not sure what the first steps are? Let us guide you through the first steps and get you started with podcasting.

Strategy and Action

Looking to start a podcast but not sure how? Want to set up an action plan and strategy to get started? Are you looking for guidance before you DIY your podcast? We can put a plan together for you with actionable steps you can do yourself – Let’s chat!

Produce and Distribute

From concept to release and distribution we can set a strategy and systems to bring about success. Absolutely everything is taken care of and you can enjoy planning your time with your podcast guests.

We have Launch Packages and Editing Packages to suit your needs!

Audio Book Production And Editing

So you have written a book and you want to have an audio version? We can produce your book for you. You can narrate it yourself or we also have several narrators available as well.

1 on 1 Consultations

Whether you’re a veteran podcaster or just getting started, having a one-on-one consultation session can shed light on ways to improve your show. You may need someone to brainstorm an idea with or help to find the little improvements you can make to your show.

Online Course Design And Creation

Often times you want to be able to service more people than you can in a day. Creating and offering online courses can increase your passive income and serve more of your clients.

Membership Design and Development

Creating and offering a monthly membership can increase your passive income and serve more of your clients at once. You can create monthly content behind a paywall.

Web Design

It’s important to your show to have a home on the internet. By having your own piece of real estate on the internet, you control your future.


Recording your show is audio and video? We will take your video, make any necessary edits, add your music and post it to your YouTube account.

Social Media Management

You need to keep your audience engaged and use your platforms to grow your show, your brand and your business. We can manage every aspect of your organic social media.

Online Paid Advertising

Using Google AdWords or Facebook advertising can be a great tool to reach the audience that doesn’t know about you yet!


Brand Strategy

A Digital Presence Is Key

Every day, millions of users on social media platforms are interacting, sharing and following brand pages. Social media is a massive opportunity for companies to connect with their audiences, yet establishing a social presence is an acquired expertise. The necessity of having a well-maintained social media profile is undeniable – it’s no longer an option, your customers are already on social media. A successfully managed social business page will create a two-way conversation that no other channel can produce, building brand loyalty and driving quality leads to your site. Our social media management services will put your company in the forefront, along with saving you time (and stress) by monitoring activity and creating content for you.


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Step 2: Add Technology


Step 3: Have Conversations