Production And Editing Packages

Per Episode Production and Editing Packages

We Have A Package to Suit Every Need And Budget

We offer packages for weekly, bi-weekly and every 4 week show schedules.

The Master Edit

You send the files.

We edit to make you sound even better. 

We send the files back to you.

The Production Package

You want a podcast that sounds amazing! Our goal is to provide you with the most complete and comprehensive editing and production.

  • Platform to use for remote recording
  • A member of our team will join you for sound checks to help ensure equipment is working properly and the best audio quality possible is being captured and to make sure we are using everyone’s time efficiently.
  • Consistency is key in podcasting! We offered streamlined production in project management software to stay organized.
  • Content editing helps develop the story arc and tell your brand story.
  • We add in your intro, outro and any ads.*
  • Upload and launch through your hosting company
  • Episodes added to your website
  • Comprehensive show notes to enhance your podcast’s SEO 
  • Podcast art and audiograms designed for each episode
  • Monthly analytics reporting on your show downloads from your hosting site and major players
  • Emails with links sent to guests on launch day.

We are your podcast team. We are here to support, strategize, and grow your show,

The Growth Package

It is time to grow this amazing podcast! This Growth package is the first step in improving the brand awareness for your podcast.

We will create a customized social media strategy that suits your podcast content and target audience. This content is designed and curated to drive listenership with audiograms, videograms, graphics, and content to generate excitement and engagement.

We will also create an engaging newsletter to keep your audience informed about your latest episodes and serve each show to them right in their inbox.

*Packages includes up to one hour of finished audio per episode, two audio tracks

**Client responsible for providing elements for intros, outros & any advertisements

Custom Packages

Do you want to break the mould and do your own thing?

Do you want a shorter show or more frequent episodes?

We can create a  custom package to suit your specific needs.

You be you!